At Woman to Woman Fertility Center we help make miracles. We aid couples and individuals seeking help to build their family. We provide both Ovum Donors and Surrogate Mothers; coordinate all the accompanying services, and see you through the wonderful process to parenthood. We have helped hundreds of couples and individuals throughout the United States and Internationally. We take great pride in each resulting birth and in the caring service we provide to each individual situation. We believe this is what sets us apart - our commitment, focus and desire to help.
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    Since 1992, Marlene Kaminsky has been at the heart of building families. Marlene has extensive, intimate and personal experience in helping couples and individuals become families. Working first with a legal fertility specialist, then with her own partnership and finally forming her own company, Marlene has been at the forefront of fertility issues, witnessing all the growth and changes throughout the industry. Marlene has mastered the process of choosing the right arrangement for each individual situation, drafting the contractual agreements, working with all Fertility Clinics specialists and assisting during the wonderful transition to parenthood.